India will consider EPG report after election only : Rabi Kiran

Rabi Kiran Hamal
youth leader Nayashakti Party, Nepal.

Rabi Kiran Hamal is emering youth leader at  Nayashakti Party,Nepal.His entire team  is willing to establish alternative political ideology and system in Nepal. Today, We have discussed with Mr.Kiran about current political affairs and our relationship with neighbouring country.

Mr.Kiran, What is your analysis on present government lead by CPN ?
Well, We are not satisfied with the activities of present government.I feel the government has not done much. This is really not a time to evaluate what they have done but basically it become unsuccessful to maintain peace,security and rule of law. They are  blaming the opposition, intellectuals, media, professionals, bureaucracy-everyone. If they keep doing this and blaming everyone, there is a real threat of the country moving towards an authoritative direction.Government is unable to fix clear path forward.I think we cannot get more achievement from this government.
Why this government is not working well although It is with two-third majority.And the leaders are from hard struggle ?
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. After formation of new constitution through CA,We must need to change our vision and mission. If we see the history of ruling parties,they are totally possessing destructive mind and structure which will not lead Nepal into new era of prosperity.First of all, they have to adopt or develop suitable political ideology and reform their system. Government is under control of businessman,Mafias and brokers.Corruption is the major cause of failure in every activities of government.As we know all the politician are from hard struggle but they have changed their lifestyle which belongs to elite group. They are not concerning about livelihood of people,they have  involvement in personally profitable activities.We are not getting strong dedication and infrastructure in this government  to build prosperous Nepal.
What do you think the role of India in economic development of Nepal ?
India is Nepal’s largest trade partner and the largest source of foreign investments, besides providing transit for almost the entire third country trade of Nepal.It is our important development partner in the areas such as infrastructure, power development, communication, agriculture and technology, education and culture, tourism and aviation, capacity building, health, people’s livelihood, disaster prevention and mitigation, and cultural heritage renovation.We are linked to third countries through India.We cannot progress without mutual co-operation with India, It absorbed almost all of Nepal’s exports and accounted for nearly 90 per cent of Nepal’s imports. Nepal needs to import foreign investment and technology for economic development .
We always find bad perception of nepalese people on Indian government and leaders ?
Nepali nationalism is becoming synonymous with anti-Indianism. As a result, Indian projects are not getting public support in Nepal.Nationalism creates a binary of us and them, and cultivates a culture of fragmentation. In Nepal, the rise of nationalism and anti-Indian sentiments threaten to create a divide between the peoples of the two countries.Nationalism is a love-hate option, in which both love and hate are counterproductive. We need to have pragmatic and balanced relations with India to safeguard our national interest.Media and intellectuals should play better role in clearing obstacles between Nepal and India. Developing countries should not grow weary of the global economy. Globalization has been the force pulling developing countries upward for the past two decades, and eventually it will accomplish the feat in full as long as their governments leave well alone.
Why Indian government don’t want to accept report made by EPG ?
 The government has formed an Eminent Persons Group that is mandated to look into Nepal-India ties in totality and reviewing all bilateral treaties with India.This is a step forward in reviewing and resolving various bilateral issues. EPG is succeeded to prepare the joint report in consensus but due to domestic issues Indian government is not focusing on it .Indian government will not accept final report of EPG before loksabha election in 2019.
Do you think alternative political force will emerge in Nepal ?
Of course, We are seeking alternative political ideaology and system which will ensure inclusive  participation of all nepalese in every institution. Nayashakti party is an alternative political party which has basic principles Inclusive development and prosperity,Direct democracy,Moral politics,Transparent diplomacy and Progressive socialism. We adopt Zero tolerance on corruption and discrimination in the name of gender,caste and religion.We cannot expect peace,law and order,development and social justice from existing political parties because leaders are habitual with corruption and crony capitalism .Crony capitalism is an economy that is nominally free-market, but allows for preferential regulation and other favourable government intervention based on personal relationships.We believe that we become stronger when our economy works for everyone not just those at the top.
What are the major activities of your party ,nowadays ?
We are raising people’s issues in parliament and road both. Our 15th Federal council meeting has make a decision of “Five month,Five task and Five result” campaign ,All the members and committees are on this campaign with a strong dedication.This campaign include raising livelihood issues of people,fight against any form of discrimination,union formation at local level,spread our vision and mission through media etc.Under the umbrella of International nepalese society people in foreign countries are also supporting this campaign.We believe that we will be the alternative choice of people in coming decades.
At last ,what is your message to youths ?
My dear fellows , We will be stronger together when we respect each other,listen to each other and act with a sense of common purpose that is building prosperous Nepal in our lifetime.Dont let anyone tell you that great things can’t happen in Nepal. This is the time to come together for eradication of poverty,unemployment,corruption and uplift this nation to first world.


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